Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Show me the Moon

This blog is simple. What happens when you start dating someone new? It is the hardest thing to deal with! Thinking your child will have a person trying to be their "mom" or "dad"! NOOOOO! Not happening. I am a living example of saying I am not going to introduce my child for 6 months to a year and then doing the opposite. I feel that each situation is unique. In my case, I started seeing a neighbor and long time "friend" from Middle School. He lived in my apartment complex and had been around my daughter and was at her First Birthday Party. He had already been around her and was liked by my daughters father. So, he was introduced earlier than I would have expected but I tried my best to limit interaction...but when you have your child at every moment away from work you are limited to "at home" dates after her bed time. So, I had to make a choice. My daughter deserves her mom to be happy in all aspects. So, we developed "rules" to interaction. Now, 9 months in we are relaxed about the whole thing and I have asked her father if he would like to meet up with and talk with my boyfriend, again. He stated that he trusted my judgement. So, here is the issue! Do I trust his? Because his last girlfriend was not of preferred character. And, I know he had her around our daughter. It is so hard to trust. But, I have to. Has anyone had these issues? I am grateful that he trusts me and I am learning to trust him!

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