Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I have looked into some resources in my area. There are many government supported services that can help families that are separated unite and be healthy. All it takes is some effort and research but there are affordable services for low income families and then there are family psychology practices for those fortunate to have insurance and an income to afford such services. I know that some situations are not ideal. There are people who have a child with someone who is not reliable, trustworthy,honest, safe, or the like. In these cases it is hard to want to cooperate with the other parent. I urge you to do what is BEST FOR THE CHILD, not you. I state this next sentence with caution because some mothers/fathers DO NO need to be near their children. Some are addicts, abusive or predators. BUT, if it is a matter of supervision issues...I recommend doing supervised visitations. It may not be how you want to spend your day/evening but your child deserves a relationship with the other parent. I am fortunate to have a cooperative parent in my life. I am fortunate that he desires to be in his childs life. You can not force a parent to be great but you can encourage their involvement. You have to put your hurt, resentment and anger aside and look at what is best for the future of your child. Are there people out there that are struggling with this? Does anyone feel the need to share in order to sort through their emotions?

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