Thursday, January 27, 2011

Accepting Reality

I am the mother who wants to control everything.  It's true. I can't help it! I have tried to let go. Over the past few months I have let go more than I would like.  I have had no choice in the matter.  When you are not with the father of your child you have to trust them.  I can not begin to tell you how many things that I do not agree with! For example: he holds her to get her to fall asleep, he lets her jump on the bed and couch (regularly) and he allows her to put stickers on the tables at his house! Really? Who does that? Oh, i guess more people than I think?!So, I have to let him do what he feels is okay.  Will jumping on the bed be an issue when she is 10? Probably not.  She may fall off and break her collar bone but she could do that at the playground too! I am about preventative actions and that is why I do not allow her to jump at my house on the couch and/or bed.  But, on vacation I did allow it once.  So, I have to believe that in the end, as the great parents that we are, we will produce a lively, respectful, and happy little girl! So, I am accepting the reality of my life!

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