Sunday, January 23, 2011

Birthday Party!

Hello Hello Hello! Well, I am sitting here reading my Parenting (Early Years) Magazine and I came across a wonderful site for birthday party ideas! Well, that got me to thinking.....what do I do about my daughters birthday party? Do I have to invite her father to the party I throw? Will I go to the one that he has? Or, will we just have it together?  Last year we had about 35 guests at the Park and I did a "Garden Fairy" theme.  I did all of the planning, paying for items, and I created our own invitations, addressed and mailed them all out.  I shopped 6 months in advance to save money.  I hired a photographer (family friend who charged me $40 and took hundreds of pictures) and I was not even in any pictures with her eating her first cake! Guess who got to have the glory moment! Yes, her dad! UGH! BUT, I look back on it and I am okay with it. I know the effort I put forth in order to make it perfect and for her to have fun with all the people who love her! I am glad that she got to have us all together for her First Birthday.  So, I wonder what I will do for her second.  Will we all be together for her? Or will we do separate ones? What do you think?

Oh, and the website.....I am sure you are wondering what wonderful website led me to this blog!

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