Thursday, January 20, 2011

Facing Reality

Well, my Cooperative Parenting Class has a date and for 6 weeks I will be face to face with the reality of my failed relationship. I intend to post what I have learned from each class. Each Wednesday for 6 weeks from Feb 2nd-March 9th expect an educational post! I am slightly nervous about this class. Not because of my ability as a parent but because of the emotional roller coaster that may present itself. I am not sure of my expectations for this class. I hope that it teaches me to put the pain behind me permanently so that I can move forward in a healthy manner and have a healthy relationship with my daughters father. I hope to find friendship in this class with parents going through the same situation. I am also nervous about being in class with dramatic individuals, individuals who are not respectful of their parenting partner and the such. Wish me luck!

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