Saturday, January 22, 2011

Battle of the parents

It is difficult enough to "share" your child when they are healthy. But, when they are proves to be even harder. It seems that we tend to believe that we are the better parent. We can nurse our baby back to health quicker,and we can love her more. As my daughters symptoms worsened I had to trust that her father was capable of caring for her. I worried. A LOT. I had to go to work. When she did not improve, would not rest at his house, and she refused treatments and had to be held down...I knew I had to take time off. Paying bills are important but my daughter is my priority. I would have to cut back on expenses in the future. For now...I needed to nurse her back to health. I stayed home. Took her back to the doctor and made sure she rested. She slept most of the day. She lay on me, acting lethargic and crying. I was grateful to be home with her. I was unsure as to why her dad could not get her to rest. From what I was seeing....she was exhausted, and she would not leave me for a second. I hate to say this....but she needed her mommy! Sometimes one parent is more nurturing than the other. I feel that it is best for the child to be with the nurturing parent. What is your take on this?

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