Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Being a Mother

In the January 31, 2011 issue of Time there was an interview with Michelle Williams. There was an answer that brought tears to my eyes and an out spoken "yes" in the room in which I sat.

The question:
What has been your most important role, and how has the experience changed you?

(Get ready...it's deeply profound)

Mother. Somebody once told me that being a parent is like dying and being reborn, which sounds drastic, but I understood what she meant. It's the thing that's most important to me. If I don't get that right, then nothing else really matters. I feel reborn as a human being in every way. There's not a part of my life that it hasn't touched.

Tears are in my eyes. Because that is how I feel exactly. Exactly!

Being a mother is everything to me. But, there are other things that are important too! I look forward to my future!!!

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